Laalaa is a minor character in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Lost Tablet. He is silent but communicates by buzzing voiced by Ben Stiller.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Lost Tablet

Laalaa is first seen in the climax of the film appearing from a cacoon. He greets Larry, Teddy, Dr. McPhee, Sir Lancelot and Tilly. He telling Larry that he's not going through until he passes the test. Laalaa and Larry fight at each other for the way through. Suddenly Laalaa disappears and Larry and the gang are free. He takes the five through the pleasure pool and unknowingly makes Larry highly uncomfortable, due to the nudity of both himself, and his guests. While touring through the area, Laalaa explains his ideals to the quintet, it appears she has no memory of the Tablet of Ahkmenrah. Laalaa tries to jog his memory and think that the car he was seen entering, and the license plate of said car. Laalaa's limited intelligence kept him from realizing that he was more than enough help for Larry, though the former gives credit for providing helpful assistance. Laalaa is last seen at the final scene dancing the groove with Dexter.

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