Octavius in the first film.
Museum of Natural History, New York
Roman General
Portrayed by
Steve Coogan
We may be small but our hearts are large... metaphorically speaking.
― Octavius to Larry, in the first movie.

Octavius is a Roman general from the Roman Empire Diorama at the Museum of Natural History and the best friend of Jedediah.

He is portrayed by Steve Coogan.


Octavius is a general in the Roman Legion and an exhibit in the The Hall of Miniatures. Despite his initial hostility towards Larry and the other exhibits, he eventually proves his loyalty to the museum by helping retrieve the magic tablet after Cecil steals it, and goes on to become a loyal ally. He becomes particularly close to Jedediah, and after the events of the first movie, the two become inseparable.


Night at the Museum

Romans work alone.
―Octavius, upon being asked to team up with Jedediah.

Octavius first appears in The Hall of Miniatures, where he commands his legion to attack Larry using catapults and fireballs after Jedediah's attempt to take him down with a steam train fails. The next morning, when Dr. McPhee asks Larry why Octavius's model is in the stockades in the Old West Diorama, Larry comments that the cowboys were not happy that Octavius trespassed and locked him up.

During his second night as a security guard, Larry catches Octavius ordering his men to break through the diorama wall to expand their territory (with Jedediah planning a similar feat using explosives on the other side.) In an effort to stop their feud, Larry offers them the run of the museum, on the grounds that they promise to get along. This ultimately fails, and the two sides end up clashing again, with Octavius declaring that they can never peacefully coexist.

Octavius in the RC

After the Egyptian Tablet is stolen by Cecil, Gus, and Reginald, Octavius and Jedediah join forces after Larry appeals to their honour as leaders (and reminds them that they actually have a lot in common.) Together, they punch a hole in Cecil's tires to prevent him from escaping.

After Cecil makes off with the tablet using a stagecoach, Jed and Octavius join Larry in pursuing him, using a remote control car to lure Rexy after them. After colliding with the stagecoach wheels, they crash into a snow bank and are assumed dead, but make a triumphant return as Larry manages to get everyone back to the museum before sunrise. They are last seen driving together in a new toy car, hooked to one of Rexy's bones to make him chase them, as Nicky rides on his back.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Do you wish to surrender honorably, or must this end with the spilling of your blood?
―Octavius, to Kahmunrah
Octavius is among the exhibits intended to be shipped to the Federal Archives in the Smithsonian. After the NYC exhibits are imprisoned by Kahmunrah, he and Jed escape the crate to find help, only to be caught by Al Capone. In order to protect his friend, Jedediah tells Octavius to run and the pair are separated.
Octavius and squirrel

Octavius tames a squirrel

Octavius goes on a rescue mission to free Jedediah, who has been placed inside an hourglass by Kahmunrah, in an effort to force Larry to translate the tablet. After his plan to get help from the White House fails, he manages to tame a squirrel to use as a mount and enlists the help of the Abraham Lincoln Statue to storm the museum and defeat Kahmunrah's underworld army. While Larry and the others engage in battle with Kahmunrah, Octavius rescues Jedediah from the hourglass by smashing it open with his helmet. Reunited at last, the pair join in the fight, and later share a hug when they are victorious.

At the end of the movie, at the debut of the NYC museums new extension, he and Jed are seen flying around in a tiny model airplane.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

You'll rue the day you mocked us with your huge sword and hypnotic blue eyes!
―Octavius, regarding Lancelot
Octavius is first seen with Jedediah watching a YouTube video of cats chasing lasers, before Larry reminds them that they need to get ready for the re-opening of the Hayden Planetarium. When the tablet malfunctions during the re-opening, he and Jedediah are seen tripping people over with rope, later claiming that it was like they were "under an evil spell." They later accompany Larry and the others to the British Museum in search of Ahkmenrah's parents.
Jed and Octavius 2

Jed and Octavius in Pompeii

After Larry and the others are attacked by Trixie, Octavius and Jedediah are separated from the group and sucked into an air vent. Believing they are about to die, Octavius asks to hold Jedediah's hand, only to retract this statement when Jed expresses confusion. They are saved when Larry manages to turn the power off, but are frightened by Dexter (who is sent down to find them,) and end up falling into an empty miniature Roman city -- which turns out to be a model of Pompeii, its inhabitants having already fled. After the volcano erupts and they are cornered by lava, they narrowly escape death once more when Dexter appears and urinates on the flames. They then take a selfie on Nick's phone (which has been strapped to Dexter's back,) to let Larry know they're alive.

When the tablet begins to corrode, and the exhibits start returning to their inanimate states on the rooftop, Jedediah tenderly asks for Octavius's hand so they can die together. After Lancelot returns the tablet and the exhibits are saved, Octavius agrees along with the others that it should remain in the British Museum with Ahkmenrah, accepting that he will never come to life again when the night is over. Upon returning to New York, Octavius smiles awkwardly as Jedediah asks Larry for a final hug.

At the end of the movie, after the exhibits from the British Museum are temporarily returned to New York (along with the tablet,) Octavius is seen dancing with Jedediah on Ahkmenrah's turntable.


  • Octavius is believed to be based off Gaius Octavius (better known as Augustus,) the first emperor of Rome. This, however, has never been confirmed.
  • Like Owen Wilson, Coogan's character was initially intended to be a cameo role. Their characters were so well received by test audiences, they were given bigger roles.
  • In Secret of the Tomb, it is hinted that Octavius might have developed romantic feelings for Jedediah, particularly when he expresses a desire to hold his hand when he believes they are about to die.
  • He also seems attracted to Lancelot, commenting on his "hypnotic" blue eyes, referring to him as handsome and claiming that he's hard not to look at.

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