The Underworld,or otherwise known as Duat,is a Afterlife Realm domain that apears in Night At The Museum 2 :The Battle of Smithsonian Univeres .It is also based upon the same location from Greek/Egyptian Mythology.

Vital statistics
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Appears in Night At The Museum 2 : The Battle for Smithsonian
Location fterlife Realm
Inhabitants Human Souls,Horuss Warriors
009NMBS Hank Azaria 013

" Kahmunarh falling to the Underworld "

Underworld is a Afterlife realm and location that only apears in Night At The Museum 2 : Battle for Smithsonian Film.It is also based upon same counterpart from Egyptian Mythology.

The main villan of seagul Kahmunrah evil brother of Ahkmenrah used the Tablet to open portal to summon his humoanoid-bird warriors known as Horuss in atempt to congure the world,but his plan failed when his Horuss minons were scared off by Abraham Lincoln.The portal was then seald when Tablet was removed.

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