Greetings Everyone!

New Infoboxes have been created to show our wiki's creativity. Templates have been made for characters, actors and films. Please use the below templates on articles which do not already have them.

List of New Templates

How to Use Them

Please follow these steps to add an infobox to an article.

  1. Open the Template Article.
  2. Copy the Syntax from the Template Article
  3. Paste the Syntax in 'Source Mode' editor on the article you would like to have the Infobox.
  4. Fill in the details, e.g. 'Cast'.
  5. Upload a photo by clicking on the 'Photo' button on the right hand side of the editor.
  6. Change [File:Example.png|thumb|right] to [File:Example.png|250px].
  7. Make sure all details are in correct places and that photo is working correctly.
  8. Click Publish.

See what they look like by visiting these articles

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