• Cecil Fredericks: Gets dragged in the snow by Larry Daley and arrested by all the exhibits. At the end credits, he is redeemed and becomes a janitor
  • Reginald and Gus: Get tricked by The Neanderthals and Huns and become janitors along with the now-good Cecil.
  • Octavius: Explodes in a snowbank along with Jed and at the epilouge they are revealed to be alive. Octavius redeems in the sequels.
  • Kahmunrah: Falls in the Underworld and dies.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte, Ivan the Terrible and Al Capone: Gets defeated by Jed, Octavius, Dexter and their friends
  • Sir Lancelot: Reforms and becomes a protagonist.
  • Dan and Ross: Get stuck on a traffic light and later reform themselves to get themselves free from the traffic light. They later dance to "Home".
  • Rick: Falls off the Museum balcony to death and disappears as Larry saves the Tablet.