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The Xiangliu is a statue based on an ancient serpent-like water monster with reptilian traits in Chinese mythology.


Secret of the Tomb

The Xiangliu appears in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. It is an exhibit on display in the British Museum. In the film Larry Daley, Teddy, Ahkmenrah, Sacagawea, Attila, Nick and Sir Lancelot discover the exhibit fast asleep while traveling through the British Museum's Hall of Asian Culture in their efforts to find the Egyptology display. On Larry's incistence, despite Lancelo's wishes to do battle with the creature, they try to sneak past it. However, halfway through the chamber, the already weakened tablet begins to corrode even further, causing the New York exhibits to act up, and Teddy Roosevelt in particular to start loudly babbling. The Xiangliu is awakened by this noise and attacks the group. With the New York exhibits incapacitated, Nick, Lancelot, and Larry are forced to fend off the creature's attacks on their own. It is eventually defeated when Larry uses a conveniently located nearby emergency defibrillator to knock it out with the device's electrical shock. With the creature knocked out, Larry, Nick, Lancelot, and the now recovered New York exhibits proceed to leave it where it is to continue their search for the Egyptology display, leaving its fate unknown (though it can be presumed that it somehow manages to wake up and get itself back into its daytime position before sunrise).


  • The Xiangliu appears as an exhibit in the New York Museum's Asia hall in the game Night at the Museum: Hidden Treasures. It is the third exhibit to become available for searching in this room and becomes available after searching the exhibits for the Dancing Lion and Terra Cotta Warriors and the last one immediately available for searching in this room before the doorways to the World History room become available for unlocking.
    • In the same game, the creature plays a similar role to the one it plays in the movie. After Larry and his friends finish their adventures with the Dancing Lions and Terra Cotta Warriors exhibits, they notice it sleeping nearby the doors to the next exhibit. However, they end up under attack by it when it is awakened by in-game villain Karim Munrah. It is later defeated over the course of searching it's exhibit (the exact nature of its defeat, however, is left to the imagination).



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